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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The art museum

Do you imagine and daydream? Do you think that that random person sitting right there is actually an alien? I daydream that Everyone here is an alien and I'm on a mission. I have a huge imagination.  And I think that's a great thing. Think about it. With a little daydreaming you could make anything happen.  Even in the most of ordinary moments.

Something was going on outside the art museum. I didn't know what, but I didn't think it would be fun. Mostly because I think the artworks are cool but a bit boring.
 When my sister, our friend Zeke and I arrived there, the thing that caught our attention was all the people there with their kids. And right in the centre of it all were… poles. Lots of poles. Surrounded by a barrier of short bars. Like a mini prison for the poles. Some adults dressed in party streamers were guarding the entry of the mini pole prison.

 Each one of us little kids got a ball of coloured paper ribbon… strange. We formed a line and one by one we suspiciously shuffled into the prison. Everyone was starting to unravel their bundles and going in crazy zigzag lines around the poles. The adults dressed in party streamers started coming in too. I had a funny urge to do something so I did it.

 I used my imagination. A few moments later I was no longer outside the art museum or the prison. I was in space. Suddenly, a huge alien with 4 eyes started wandering toward me, Zekiel (Zeke) and May. So we all ATTACKED!!!!! THIS WAS WAR!!! Me Zekiel and May charged in our multicoloured space ships. Zekiels voice crackled into the speaker, fortunately I couldn't here him or know how to use the spaceship so I pressed a few random buttons then threw up onto the controls. Then we all attacked once more. “DIE ALIEN FREAK!!!!” We screamed as we all zapped the alien with our death ray blasters.

Suddenly we were all back in the real world. And the alien we had attacked was one of the men dressed in party streamers. We had tied him around a pole. From then we were trying to make sure he wouldn't escape but it didn't work. He had a pair of scissors

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