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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Week 9

Week 9
By Sneha and Rose!

This week my inquiry group looked at three things related to projectiles. The first thing we looked at was slingshot rockets! Slingshot rockets are not real rockets, they are just a straw with four triangles attached to the end and a bent paper clip on the other side. You also need to make a part which fires the rocket so for that you just tape a rubber band and a popsicle stick together.

If you want to make a slingshot rocket it's pretty easy. If you want to make one you need a popsicle stick, some coloured cardboard, a rubber band, masking tape, a straw, and a paper clip. You can find out the rest in safari. My observation is if you don't put the coloured flaps on the end of the straw it goes farther than the ones that have the flaps but if you want to do it right look at the instructions above.

We also had a look at projectile launchers. Miss Pageot knew someone and they let us BORROW the projectile launchers. First we went outside to test the projectile launchers. They actually go further if you just let them bounce.

The second thing we looked at was the flipping frogs. If you use a smaller rubber band it jumps higher, that's because there is more pressure so it wants to release quicker. Another thing is that if you use big pieces of card, it will jump higher as well,
because bigger ones use more force so they jump higher.

Overall: (about the angle launchers) I think they they tie with the slingshot rockets for using the most force out of the three because they both launch stuff and make them move more.

Overall: (about the slingshot rockets) it goes MUCH further if you take if the flaps but you can do it right if you want to next time.

Overall: (about the frogs) I think they actually jump higher if you use a smaller rubber band. My one did that but sadly it broke. But it won for the best looking (yay! yay!) I automatically cried too for some reason. I hate that when that happens..        onager (above)
Trebuchet (below)

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