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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Week 8 onager vs trebuchet

Week 8: Onager vs Trebuchet
We’ve all studied the trebuchet for a while now, but the onager barged through the door. Who will win? Onager or trebuchet? They both are different types of catapults. The trebuchet we have is larger than the onager.

Here are the differences for the Trebuchet and the Onager: the Trebuchet goes further than the Onager because it's throwing arm is longer but the throwing arm on the Onager is shorter so the ball does not go as far.

The Trebuchet goes slow to fast because it's bigger and the Onager, since it's smaller it goes fast and near the end it slows down. The Trebuchet has this buckle thing which hold the throwing arm, so when you pull the rope it unbuckles and makes this buckley sound. The Onager on the other hand has holes which holds the throwing arm in place so when you pull that rope it clicks and then fires.

When the trebuchet fires it swings back and forth. The onager doesn't do that because the arm of the onager is much smaller than the trebuchet, + the onager has a pillow to stop it so when it fires it just goes swish! Bonk! as it hits the pillow. The trebuchet goes higher than the onager because the  trebuchet goes higher while the onager goes in a straight line. But the onager has more velocity. Who will win this terrible battle?

 To fire further the trebuchet needs weights. Fishing weights. You are supposed to put them in the counterweight and fwoosh! There it goes. The onager is a bit harder to activate than the trebuchet because the onager needs more force.

Here are some similarities: They both fire something because they are catapults and catapults fire stuff. They both have use forces because they make things move and when things move it makes a force in this case it's the force of wind resistance.
Both catapults go very far and they both use just about an equal amount of force.

Both their arms fly up when you pull the rope and they send something flying in the air. These are made to fire stuff.

Romans used these catapults (although they were a lot bigger those days!) to break into their enemy's castles, but instead of tennis balls they used HUGE boulders. That will give you a picture of how big those catapults were in the roman times.
I wish I could see what they really look like, those catapults. I wonder how often the romans used the catapults. Probably all the time when they attack castles. I also wonder if there was loot in the castles or did Julius Caesar just want to conquer everything?

In conclusion, these both are catapults but have lots of different things. They look different, you use them differently but they are both used for hitting things. Both catapults are used by many people. They both are used by many people. They both are very useful. So the fierce battle became a tie because both of them are used very often.

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