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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Week 4 trebuchet

The trebuchet
1...2...3...4 that should be enough. Miss Pageot was putting fishing weights into the counterweight of a trebuchet. A trebuchet is a type of catapult. I saw a black pouch on the bottom of the
Trebuchet. Miss Pageot told us that it was called the sling. There was a nail that attached the sling to a long wooden beam that was attached to the counterweight. Well enough about the trebuchet let's get observing! There was a long string and someone (I think it was Elise) was holding the other end of the string. Suddenly Miss Pageot said “Fire!” And with that, Elise pulled the string and… FWwiiinnnngggg! The ball that was in the pouch I think it was a tennis ball was rocketed from the weight and pwing. There it goes. It was rocketed:8.2 metres. Miss Pageot added another weight and it traveled a bit more. All the weights are going to be put in. As the last weight was set down someone pulled the string. Fwoosh! It soared in the sky like a green bird and landed even further than the measuring tape. And that was exactly 33.5 metres. I think my thinking is multi-structural because I have a lot of ideas but I'm not sure when or why to use them and my inferences are pre-structural because I needed help. I noticed that when you pull the string all the weight that is in the counterweight forces down towards earth because of how heavy the fishing weights are. I wondered if the tennis ball will actually go further than expected. Because those fishing weights are heavy.

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