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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The camp story

The camp story

Someone with a hoodie stepped in front of my activity group. He had orange hair and a beard which was connected to his head. He looked a bit like Ed sheeran. Someone even called him Ed sheeran.
“Can anyone guess my name?” he said. Everyone tried to guess his name. So I said “Ben?” He turned to me and said “what did you say?” “Ben” I replied again. He said “yes! My name is Ben!” And with that we walked across the bridge with a flowing river beneath ( I always chuck a few rocks when we pass over the bridge.) it looked supa wild. We finally arrive at the archery place. It looked like a shed with no walls. As we entered we sat down on a bench. Ben taught us about archery and everything about it. He showed us the arrows and the bows and how to use them. Then finally we began. I remember that if you hit the target you get to go to a certain country. If you didn't hit the target you go to North Korea, if you hit the white of the target you go to New Zealand, if you hit the black you go to Australia, I got to go to Aussie because I hit the black, if you got blue you go to china, if you got red you go to France, and finally if you  hit the bullseye you go to America. And Jeremy our camp parent hit the target and got to go to America. Well not for real mind you. The next lot was who you were going to your country with. The wood or the hay you got to go with the king of North Korea, if you got the white of the target you go with bill English, if you got the black you go with bindi Irwin, ( I got her ) if you got blue you go with Ed sheeran, if you got the red you go with the queen, and if you got the yellow it's your choice. The last round was a forfeit one. If you got the hay or the wood you have to sing an embarrassing nursery rime as loud as you can in front of everyone. If you got white you had to do push ups, if you got black you had to do star jumps, if you got blue everyone had to high five you ( I got that one ) if you got red everyone screams your name as loud as you can, if you got yellow you can choose someone and they have to do a forfeit and the person who got yellow chooses what their forfeit is. Fletcher got yellow. He decided to have revenge on Ben. He told him he said he has to sing an embarrassing nursery rime as loud as he can in front of everyone. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't even hear myself laughing. Now we've finished, other kids in my group wanted Ben (A.K.A Ed sheeran) to do other stuff now like back flips and cartwheels. Soon I kinda lost interest so I went to stomp in the mud. As soon as it started it was time to go back to the camp. I really think Ed sheeran was funny. So he chose to sing twinkle twinkle little star. He started to sing. HE WAS SO FUNNY!!! He started singing it in front of all of us in a SUPER funny voice. He sounded like a baby playing the bagpipes.

I think my thinking is relational because all of my ideas connect.

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