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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The time I was cheeky

The time I was cheeky

I'd been awake for hours. It was like a night that would last for all eternity. The camp cabins were cold but with my sleeping bag I was as hot as inside a volcano. To me it was like torture. I just couldn't fall asleep even though I badly wanted to. I needed to go toilet. But I didn't know where the toilets were! Wait. I remember there were some toilets outside. But the teachers had strictly forbidden us to go outside in the middle of the night. I had to. I looked at the time. It was 3.00 in the morning. As I slowly stepped outside I could feel the cold damp floor. As I stood out in the corridor I could hear the faint hoot of an owl. I tried to open the sliding doors. They were shut and locked tight just like you would lock doors at a heavily guarded place. I finally had gathered up enough courage to explore. I decided to explore in the dining hall. As I walked through the door I realised I was the only one awake. There was snoring coming from all the bedrooms. I explored from top to bottom and when I was exploring the last place I saw an old creaky wooden door. It looked like termites had eaten it away. I had a look for the lock in the door. There wasn't a lock just some sort of button thing where the lock was supposed to be. As I slowly pressed the button-looking lock it made a sort of click sound. As I turned the handle the door swung open. I really needed to go toilet. I dashed outside. I remember I had my torch. As I put it on a big beam of light came from the centre of it. I shone the torch around, I only remembered a few things I saw. As I stepped outside I could feel the cold damp grass under my feet. As I had another look outside I realised that the torch was about to run out of battery. As I was concentrating on my torch I heard a shuffling noise next to the Aero jump. I saw a shadow moving slowly across, slowly moving toward me. I shone my torch on the surprisingly smallish figure. It was a rabbit. I remembered now. There was a rabbit next to the aero jump. When I shone my torch on the surprised rabbit he hopped away. As I was walking away I spotted the toilets. After I’d finished I was having a little trouble in finding the way back. As I turned a corner I spotted the cabins. I was saved. I rushed out to them. I had to explore a bit more till I found the termite door. As I opened it I saw the light. The light of the dining hall I rushed into it at full speed ahead. Zoomed down the corridor, and dived deep inside my sleeping bag and slowly drifted to sleep. The next day I had a look at the map of woodend. As I found the girls corridors I saw there were toilets right at the end of the corridor. I almost fainted.

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  1. Woooow! Great words. Like your an adult. You should be very proud of yourself Rose.