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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The art museum

Do you imagine and daydream? Do you think that that random person sitting right there is actually an alien? I daydream that Everyone here is an alien and I'm on a mission. I have a huge imagination.  And I think that's a great thing. Think about it. With a little daydreaming you could make anything happen.  Even in the most of ordinary moments.

Something was going on outside the art museum. I didn't know what, but I didn't think it would be fun. Mostly because I think the artworks are cool but a bit boring.
 When my sister, our friend Zeke and I arrived there, the thing that caught our attention was all the people there with their kids. And right in the centre of it all were… poles. Lots of poles. Surrounded by a barrier of short bars. Like a mini prison for the poles. Some adults dressed in party streamers were guarding the entry of the mini pole prison.

 Each one of us little kids got a ball of coloured paper ribbon… strange. We formed a line and one by one we suspiciously shuffled into the prison. Everyone was starting to unravel their bundles and going in crazy zigzag lines around the poles. The adults dressed in party streamers started coming in too. I had a funny urge to do something so I did it.

 I used my imagination. A few moments later I was no longer outside the art museum or the prison. I was in space. Suddenly, a huge alien with 4 eyes started wandering toward me, Zekiel (Zeke) and May. So we all ATTACKED!!!!! THIS WAS WAR!!! Me Zekiel and May charged in our multicoloured space ships. Zekiels voice crackled into the speaker, fortunately I couldn't here him or know how to use the spaceship so I pressed a few random buttons then threw up onto the controls. Then we all attacked once more. “DIE ALIEN FREAK!!!!” We screamed as we all zapped the alien with our death ray blasters.

Suddenly we were all back in the real world. And the alien we had attacked was one of the men dressed in party streamers. We had tied him around a pole. From then we were trying to make sure he wouldn't escape but it didn't work. He had a pair of scissors

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Week 9

Week 9
By Sneha and Rose!

This week my inquiry group looked at three things related to projectiles. The first thing we looked at was slingshot rockets! Slingshot rockets are not real rockets, they are just a straw with four triangles attached to the end and a bent paper clip on the other side. You also need to make a part which fires the rocket so for that you just tape a rubber band and a popsicle stick together.

If you want to make a slingshot rocket it's pretty easy. If you want to make one you need a popsicle stick, some coloured cardboard, a rubber band, masking tape, a straw, and a paper clip. You can find out the rest in safari. My observation is if you don't put the coloured flaps on the end of the straw it goes farther than the ones that have the flaps but if you want to do it right look at the instructions above.

We also had a look at projectile launchers. Miss Pageot knew someone and they let us BORROW the projectile launchers. First we went outside to test the projectile launchers. They actually go further if you just let them bounce.

The second thing we looked at was the flipping frogs. If you use a smaller rubber band it jumps higher, that's because there is more pressure so it wants to release quicker. Another thing is that if you use big pieces of card, it will jump higher as well,
because bigger ones use more force so they jump higher.

Overall: (about the angle launchers) I think they they tie with the slingshot rockets for using the most force out of the three because they both launch stuff and make them move more.

Overall: (about the slingshot rockets) it goes MUCH further if you take if the flaps but you can do it right if you want to next time.

Overall: (about the frogs) I think they actually jump higher if you use a smaller rubber band. My one did that but sadly it broke. But it won for the best looking (yay! yay!) I automatically cried too for some reason. I hate that when that happens..        onager (above)
Trebuchet (below)

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Week 4 trebuchet

The trebuchet
1...2...3...4 that should be enough. Miss Pageot was putting fishing weights into the counterweight of a trebuchet. A trebuchet is a type of catapult. I saw a black pouch on the bottom of the
Trebuchet. Miss Pageot told us that it was called the sling. There was a nail that attached the sling to a long wooden beam that was attached to the counterweight. Well enough about the trebuchet let's get observing! There was a long string and someone (I think it was Elise) was holding the other end of the string. Suddenly Miss Pageot said “Fire!” And with that, Elise pulled the string and… FWwiiinnnngggg! The ball that was in the pouch I think it was a tennis ball was rocketed from the weight and pwing. There it goes. It was rocketed:8.2 metres. Miss Pageot added another weight and it traveled a bit more. All the weights are going to be put in. As the last weight was set down someone pulled the string. Fwoosh! It soared in the sky like a green bird and landed even further than the measuring tape. And that was exactly 33.5 metres. I think my thinking is multi-structural because I have a lot of ideas but I'm not sure when or why to use them and my inferences are pre-structural because I needed help. I noticed that when you pull the string all the weight that is in the counterweight forces down towards earth because of how heavy the fishing weights are. I wondered if the tennis ball will actually go further than expected. Because those fishing weights are heavy.

Week 8 onager vs trebuchet

Week 8: Onager vs Trebuchet
We’ve all studied the trebuchet for a while now, but the onager barged through the door. Who will win? Onager or trebuchet? They both are different types of catapults. The trebuchet we have is larger than the onager.

Here are the differences for the Trebuchet and the Onager: the Trebuchet goes further than the Onager because it's throwing arm is longer but the throwing arm on the Onager is shorter so the ball does not go as far.

The Trebuchet goes slow to fast because it's bigger and the Onager, since it's smaller it goes fast and near the end it slows down. The Trebuchet has this buckle thing which hold the throwing arm, so when you pull the rope it unbuckles and makes this buckley sound. The Onager on the other hand has holes which holds the throwing arm in place so when you pull that rope it clicks and then fires.

When the trebuchet fires it swings back and forth. The onager doesn't do that because the arm of the onager is much smaller than the trebuchet, + the onager has a pillow to stop it so when it fires it just goes swish! Bonk! as it hits the pillow. The trebuchet goes higher than the onager because the  trebuchet goes higher while the onager goes in a straight line. But the onager has more velocity. Who will win this terrible battle?

 To fire further the trebuchet needs weights. Fishing weights. You are supposed to put them in the counterweight and fwoosh! There it goes. The onager is a bit harder to activate than the trebuchet because the onager needs more force.

Here are some similarities: They both fire something because they are catapults and catapults fire stuff. They both have use forces because they make things move and when things move it makes a force in this case it's the force of wind resistance.
Both catapults go very far and they both use just about an equal amount of force.

Both their arms fly up when you pull the rope and they send something flying in the air. These are made to fire stuff.

Romans used these catapults (although they were a lot bigger those days!) to break into their enemy's castles, but instead of tennis balls they used HUGE boulders. That will give you a picture of how big those catapults were in the roman times.
I wish I could see what they really look like, those catapults. I wonder how often the romans used the catapults. Probably all the time when they attack castles. I also wonder if there was loot in the castles or did Julius Caesar just want to conquer everything?

In conclusion, these both are catapults but have lots of different things. They look different, you use them differently but they are both used for hitting things. Both catapults are used by many people. They both are used by many people. They both are very useful. So the fierce battle became a tie because both of them are used very often.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The camp story

The camp story

Someone with a hoodie stepped in front of my activity group. He had orange hair and a beard which was connected to his head. He looked a bit like Ed sheeran. Someone even called him Ed sheeran.
“Can anyone guess my name?” he said. Everyone tried to guess his name. So I said “Ben?” He turned to me and said “what did you say?” “Ben” I replied again. He said “yes! My name is Ben!” And with that we walked across the bridge with a flowing river beneath ( I always chuck a few rocks when we pass over the bridge.) it looked supa wild. We finally arrive at the archery place. It looked like a shed with no walls. As we entered we sat down on a bench. Ben taught us about archery and everything about it. He showed us the arrows and the bows and how to use them. Then finally we began. I remember that if you hit the target you get to go to a certain country. If you didn't hit the target you go to North Korea, if you hit the white of the target you go to New Zealand, if you hit the black you go to Australia, I got to go to Aussie because I hit the black, if you got blue you go to china, if you got red you go to France, and finally if you  hit the bullseye you go to America. And Jeremy our camp parent hit the target and got to go to America. Well not for real mind you. The next lot was who you were going to your country with. The wood or the hay you got to go with the king of North Korea, if you got the white of the target you go with bill English, if you got the black you go with bindi Irwin, ( I got her ) if you got blue you go with Ed sheeran, if you got the red you go with the queen, and if you got the yellow it's your choice. The last round was a forfeit one. If you got the hay or the wood you have to sing an embarrassing nursery rime as loud as you can in front of everyone. If you got white you had to do push ups, if you got black you had to do star jumps, if you got blue everyone had to high five you ( I got that one ) if you got red everyone screams your name as loud as you can, if you got yellow you can choose someone and they have to do a forfeit and the person who got yellow chooses what their forfeit is. Fletcher got yellow. He decided to have revenge on Ben. He told him he said he has to sing an embarrassing nursery rime as loud as he can in front of everyone. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't even hear myself laughing. Now we've finished, other kids in my group wanted Ben (A.K.A Ed sheeran) to do other stuff now like back flips and cartwheels. Soon I kinda lost interest so I went to stomp in the mud. As soon as it started it was time to go back to the camp. I really think Ed sheeran was funny. So he chose to sing twinkle twinkle little star. He started to sing. HE WAS SO FUNNY!!! He started singing it in front of all of us in a SUPER funny voice. He sounded like a baby playing the bagpipes.

I think my thinking is relational because all of my ideas connect.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Balloon experiment week 3

                     Paper experiment
Week 3 the paper experiment: the distance the balloon rocket with paper travelled was 90 centimeters. Sneha by accident tied the balloon on an angle so it went loopty-loop up the string and that's how it only travelled 90 centimeters. The sound was very much like a whoopee cushion and the shape turned from a gondola to an egg. When the balloon travelled up the string the paper was flapping on the side as it zoomed 90 centimeters up the string. The piece of paper was quite small so it was like it wasn't there at all. wonder what would happen if we used a bigger balloon. I think it will have more effect like it might change the way it loopty-loops up the string.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The time I was cheeky

The time I was cheeky

I'd been awake for hours. It was like a night that would last for all eternity. The camp cabins were cold but with my sleeping bag I was as hot as inside a volcano. To me it was like torture. I just couldn't fall asleep even though I badly wanted to. I needed to go toilet. But I didn't know where the toilets were! Wait. I remember there were some toilets outside. But the teachers had strictly forbidden us to go outside in the middle of the night. I had to. I looked at the time. It was 3.00 in the morning. As I slowly stepped outside I could feel the cold damp floor. As I stood out in the corridor I could hear the faint hoot of an owl. I tried to open the sliding doors. They were shut and locked tight just like you would lock doors at a heavily guarded place. I finally had gathered up enough courage to explore. I decided to explore in the dining hall. As I walked through the door I realised I was the only one awake. There was snoring coming from all the bedrooms. I explored from top to bottom and when I was exploring the last place I saw an old creaky wooden door. It looked like termites had eaten it away. I had a look for the lock in the door. There wasn't a lock just some sort of button thing where the lock was supposed to be. As I slowly pressed the button-looking lock it made a sort of click sound. As I turned the handle the door swung open. I really needed to go toilet. I dashed outside. I remember I had my torch. As I put it on a big beam of light came from the centre of it. I shone the torch around, I only remembered a few things I saw. As I stepped outside I could feel the cold damp grass under my feet. As I had another look outside I realised that the torch was about to run out of battery. As I was concentrating on my torch I heard a shuffling noise next to the Aero jump. I saw a shadow moving slowly across, slowly moving toward me. I shone my torch on the surprisingly smallish figure. It was a rabbit. I remembered now. There was a rabbit next to the aero jump. When I shone my torch on the surprised rabbit he hopped away. As I was walking away I spotted the toilets. After I’d finished I was having a little trouble in finding the way back. As I turned a corner I spotted the cabins. I was saved. I rushed out to them. I had to explore a bit more till I found the termite door. As I opened it I saw the light. The light of the dining hall I rushed into it at full speed ahead. Zoomed down the corridor, and dived deep inside my sleeping bag and slowly drifted to sleep. The next day I had a look at the map of woodend. As I found the girls corridors I saw there were toilets right at the end of the corridor. I almost fainted.